Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chemo 2 of 9

Monday 15 November 2010

The treatment on the actual day wasn't as bad as last week. By "bad" I mean I didn't feel so completely out of control, intoxicated... I was still drowsy and a bit sleepy but nothing hectic. But that is just a bit of what I actually do remember from Monday ;-) (at home we call my short-term memory issue, chemo brain). This time they got a vein on the 2nd try but I didn't mind so much because it was my favourite nurse and she really is very careful and kind. 

Earlier, while waiting for Irene, I met a new patient. She was chatting to Colette, a woman I have met a couple of weeks ago. So I joined in. The new patient is an ICU nurse and she has been working in Afghanistan for a while. But when she was diagnosed with BC she packed up and headed back to South Africa. Her case is similar to mine. As for Colette, she was just so happy on Monday. It was her last day of Taxol! She said that she never wants to go through chemo again, ever. She already had a mastectomy before she started chemo, and will now proceed with radiation treatment. It is quite a thing, this radiation. She will be going in every weekday for 6 weeks. That's rather hectic. But unfortunately, her BC is also genetic and her mum and sisters all had to battle with it. I do hope she does well with her new treatment, she is lovely. And she was saying that she cannot wait to ride her motorbike again. Her husband bought her a BMW 650, not too shabby. I suggested she start in the new year, making it a definite goal for 2011. She agreed but said she feels like starting now already – the only thing is she might forget to do something essential, like put down her feet when she stops!

No other news really. I have had a spot of flu since the weekend and I am becoming increasingly irritated with the symptoms. But I hope it clears by the end of the week!

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