Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Operation confirmed

After seeing Jenny last Monday, we booked a date for my mastectomy. It's this coming Tuesday, the 1st of February. We basically discussed the op and she had a look at my breasts and also the lumpectomy scar (which has healed very well by the way).

There are 3 options for reconstructing the breasts after a mastectomy:

1. Breast Implants (silicone)
2. Tram Flap Reconstruction (uses tissue from the stomach area)
3. Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap Reconstruction (uses tissue from the back area)

I have opted for the breast implants. Jenny works closely with a selected few plastic surgeons who specialises in any one of these 3 reconstruction procedures. I then had to go see the surgeon who she "uses" when a patient wants implants. A very nice guy, has worked with her for 15 years. He explained the process and I also saw and handled a silicone "breast" – when you close your eyes and feel the implant with your one hand, and then use your other hand to feel your breast, it's really very much alike...

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